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Our Story


How did it all begin?

Check the shed sprouted from a simple yet relatable dilemma: needing something you don't have at a crucial moment. It all began one Saturday morning. There I was, hungover, with a tenancy inspection looming and no lawnmower in sight. The options were far from appealing: buy an expensive new one, hunt for a second-hand, rent for a whole day for a mere hour's task, or, use scissors.

As I mulled over these choices, a straightforward solution presented itself. My neighbour, busy mowing their lawn, became an unintentional muse. Why not just offer them some cash to borrow their mower? This moment of neighbourly insight planted the seed for Check the shed – a platform for easy, community-driven equipment sharing.

Check the shed was born out of the belief that the items we need occasionally shouldn't be a source of stress or unnecessary expense. We aimed to create a space where borrowing and lending were not just convenient but fostered a sense of community. By transforming the way we view ownership and sharing, Borrowbud isn't just about transactions; it's about connecting people and promoting a sustainable, practical way of living.

What is our vision?

We envision a world where sharing and collaboration are not just concepts but a way of life. Check the shed aims to be at the forefront of this change, making the sharing economy accessible, practical, and beneficial for everyone involved.

Join Us on This Journey

Whether you're looking to rent equipment for your next project or have items you'd like to list, Check the shedwelcomes you. Together, let's build a more sustainable, economical, and connected world.